‘Gamification’ Research

‘Gamification’ is a term that is used when typical elements that make up a game are used in marketing to attract people. This can be seen in a range of different businesses that focus on fast food all the way to drink brands


A good example of a business that does this is Mcdonalds. Even though they are a fast food restaurant chain they use gamification as a way to intrigue their customers to buy even more of their products. This is done by the monopoly event which they do once a year. The basic idea of monopoly is to collect the colours in order to place a property on top of it and earn money. Mcdonalds uses this idea in the way that when a customer buys a product they receive a small card with a colour. If they then collect all of these colours they win a free meal. The reason this works so well is because there is a prize involved. Even though the customers spend more money than the actual prize is worth it still works as the feeling of accomplishment when these tokens are collected makes the user want to play the game.


NikeFuel is a campaign launched by Nike where people all around the world record their daily exercise on an app. However, this uses gamification as the people compete against each other and earn points as a reward. This is used completely different to how Mcdonalds use gamification as there is no end reward however it offers the same outcome as the users will feel accomplished that they have managed to gain enough points to beat their friend or possibly someone they don’t even know.






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