Peripherals: Headphones

The headphones are a vital peripheral to gamer’s as they add the most immersion to video games. This is because they provide all around sound that accompanies the theme of the game and completes the desired atmosphere. It allows the player to unplug from the outside world and indulge in video games.

The headphones were first designed in 1880 to be used by telephone operators so that when there were lots of them in a large room they could hear what the person on the line was saying. It only covered one ear and had to be held there by the person. Adapting from this design in 1895 people started using headphones that were attached to a handle which would allow them to listen to the music of the local opera house, however, these were extremely expensive.

The modern design of the headphone was designed in 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin. This design was used by the navy and led to its popularity. This design was further improved as it was adapted for future technology. A German company called Beyerdynamic created the first dynamic headphones known as the DT 48. At first, these headphones were not available for the public until years later and are still used today.

The latest improvement of the headphones was stereo. These were created by a man called John C.Koss. The technology of the stereo headphones had not improved much, however, it was the application that had improved. These were the first headphones that allowed people to listen to music.

The headphone and microphone are used all across the world for video games and have been improved into one device that allows the player to communicate with people online, and hear them through the headphones. This is very important in gaming as it is often done with your friends.



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