Game Mechanics: Reward System

The Reward system is a mechanic int eh game that encourages players to complete missions or objective. It does this by giving the player a reward such as an item which can help them through the game or a character upgrade. This also includes time trials, for example if the player reaches a certain position within the level in a minute then they will be rewarded.

‘Skyrim’ is a good example of game that does this. The player begins a quest and they are told what the will receive if the complete this, The rewards are different depending on the difficulty of the quest. For example an easy quest will only give a short amount of money to the player whereas a hard quest will give a large amount of money as well as new equipment for the player to use. The reward mechanic in this game is very important as it allows the players to reach a level of skill high enough to continue through the story and finish the game.

Another game that uses reward systems but in a different way is ‘Rocket League’ This game is based on the sport ‘football’, however now has other sports adapted to it, and the aim is to score the most goals. The reward for this is money. However this is not the only way in which it uses this mechanic as it also encourages players to improve their skill by performing a specific action such as a jump shot a certain number of times to unlock a reward. So that this mechanic is not overpowered within the game the rewards that are available are only cosmetics and only effect the players visually. They do not give any unfair advantages.

This mechanic could be used with the other mechanics and actually work hand in hand with them in the racing game. Since the aim of the race is to win and this is done so by gaining points, rewards can be giving to the player that add cosmetics to their vehicles. The way they would unlock these rewards would be by a time trial. What I mean by this is that if the player completed a lap in under a given time then they would unlock the reward. Other rewards can be based on this and can also be unlocked just by performing simple actions such as win 5 races or drift round a corner.



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