Peripherals: Keyboard

The keyboard is another essential peripheral for the computer as it allows users to record information in the form of texture without having to physical take notes.

Before the keyboard was invented it began with the typewriter. This was a device that put on ink on a piece of paper depending on what keys the person typed in. This was revolutionary technology that allowed people to quickly write letters despite their hand writing.

The first keyboard, also known as the teletype was created in the 1930’s. It was a combination of the typewrite technology with the telegraph. The typewrite technology would be used as the input and printing device. As well as this a machine called ‘keypunches’ were invented. Punches would be put into cards according to which keys were pressed on the teletype machine. After this they where brought over to a card-reader that would read them and collect data.

After the invention of the monitor it allowed the keyboard to develop even further. The keys that the person typed would now appear on the monitor instead of it being printed out on to paper. This was done using programming. By the late 70’s and early 80’s all computers now used the electronic keyboard however aspects of the original typewriter remained in the design for the keyboard. This aspect is ‘QWERTY’. this is the name given to the layout of the keys as the top row spells ‘Qwerty’. This is the most known layout for keyboards however in different countries such as america there are slight differences in the design such as the symbols being swapped. These designs remain today.

The keyboard caused over devices to be created specifically for video games such as controllers as the adapted the same idea of buttons that perform actions, but into specific remotes for gaming.

The keyboard is extremely important in computer games, obviously with more associated on the computer. The high amount of buttons means that multiple controls can be assigned to the keyboard that allow the player to easily maneuver the character and perform actions. It also means that shortcuts can be added which allow players to easily perform an action by simply pressing a key rather than having to press a combination. The creation of the keyboard has massively enhanced the technology of video games due to the fact that it allows players to have more control over the game. The keyboard is often paired with the mouse as the two peripherals work hand in hand to allow the player to efficiently control the game.

Similarly to the mouse companies have designed keyboards specifically for video games as they have functions which benefit video games more than general use. For example with the ‘Razer’ keyboards they offer a mode called ‘game mode’ which allows players to use a range of key binds on a specific game.



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