Peripherals: Mouse

The computer mouse was first invented in 1964 by a man called Douglas Engelbart. The first mouse was extremely simple and was created using a wooden shell, a circuit board and two wheels. The is only allowed the mouse to move in two directions, forwards and backwards, and left and right. also known as the X and Y axis.The mouse got its name due to its simple appearance and resemblance to a mouse. The wheels would be attached to the circuit which which activate a signal depending on which wheel was turning, which in turn activated the circuit board and caused the cursor to move on the screen.

In the year 1972 Bill English improved the mouse design by creating what is known as the ‘Ball Mouse’. A ball was used instead of the two wheel as it increased the mouses range of movement as the wheels restricted it to only two axis’ and could only move on one of them at a time. The ball remained in contact with four wheels that represented the different axis’. When the ball rolled it caused certain wheels to rotate which caused the same effect as it did with the original design of the mouse however this time the cursor on the screen would move in multiple directions.

It wasn’t until 1980 when the design of the mouse was improved even further. The way in which it was improved was by removing the ball and wheel mechanism and instead using what is known as ‘optical’. The optical uses an LED and a light detector to detect movement against the surface. The reason that this design came around was because the ball of the previous design often became dirty and caused the mouse to stop working or give the hassle of needing to be removed and cleaned.

Today the optical mouse has completely replaced the ball mouse however different companies such as ‘Logitech’ and ‘Razer’ designs these very differently, this is due to video games. The mouse has been a vital part to the advancement of video games as it would be the main source of control for the user to operate with. For example with the early design of the mouse it could be used to control the paddle on pong as it only had t move up and down. With the advancement of video games the mouse has advanced as well as there are multiple different types of mice that are best suited for different types of games. What I mean by this is that some mice have more buttons than others, these are best suited for MMO’s and RPG’s, whereas shooters and casual games would only be played on a simple mouse as the user does not need many buttons to activate the controls. The size of the mouse also effects video games as it provides a certain amount of comfort for the people that play video games for hours on end. Mice can come in all different shapes and sizes, some have a larger rest the palm and others even having interchangeable parts to satisfy the players needs.




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