Game Mechanics: Points

This is one of the first mechanics that was designed for video games as it is what gives games purpose. The points a numbers that appear on the screen, commonly used in competitive games. At the end of the game which ever player has the highest amount of points wins.

The best example for this is one of the times when the point system was first ever used. The game is called ‘Pong’. Two players play a tennis like game and have to hit the ball into the other players side of the court. IF the player misses the ball and it goes behind them, the other player gains a point. The first to reach a certain score wins and this score is set before the game begins.

Another good example of this is sports games such as ‘FIFA’. Every time a team scores it adds one to the number on the top left of the screen. The number at the end of a time limit determines what happens next. For example if the player wins or losses than a specific screen will appear that congratulates them or takes them back to the main menu. Other than this the points can also be tied which causes the game to last longer as the players have to participate in extended time and then a penalty shoot.; The penalty shootout has another point system which determines a winner no matter what the previous points where. The points are based on how many goals have been scored and how many have been missed.

The final example I’m going to talk about is Counter strike. Counter strike uses this mechanic in multiple ways. The first is a score similar to the one used in ‘FIFA’ however this score goes up to either 15 or 16, depending on if they match has been won or is a draw. The score system is also based on the number of round. What i mean by this is that one of the two teams must win a round and in total their are 30 rounds. So the score can finish at being tied 15-15 or one team can win be reaching 16. Another way in which this game uses this mechanic is by allowing the players to gain points which causes them to achieve a rank.The rank indicates the skill level of the player and determines who they will be put into a game with. Finally the last way that this is used is by having a leader board. Every time the player gains a kill a point is added on to the leader board and their position on it changes.

When using this mechanic in my own game I feel like it could be used in the same scenario as I used the lottery mechanic. The race that people have entered would give the players a certain amount of points depending on what position they were in at the end of the lap.



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