Environment Artist: Clinton Crumpler

Clinton Crumpler is an environment artist from Suffolk, Virginia that has a Masters Degree in Fine Art in Interactive and Game Design, as well as a Bachelors in Fine Art Animation. He received this qualifications at Longwood University, which is located in Farmville. Virginia. Clinton has worked for major games companies such as Bethesda, best known for ‘Fallout’ and ‘Skyrim’, as well as Microsoft. He currently teaches games design at Masters level at CG Master Academy.

One of my favorite pieces of work from Clinton is his project called ‘Bears Den’ which was created for the video games ‘Broken’. This piece of work shows of a maintenance tunnel filled with all different types of equipment and rubbish. One of the very first things that I notice about this project is his way of indicating whereabouts the tunnel is located within the world without blatantly saying it. He does this by having signs that hang from the ceiling showing what is in this direction of the tunnel. This may not seem to give away the location however the writing is in Russian which does give us the location.

Since the location of the map is set within a tunnel the lighting is a key part of this map. To make it as realistic as possible Clinton uses stand lamps which look like they are only temporary and there will work is happening. As well as this lights can also be seen in the walls of the tunnel with thick cables hanging, connecting them all together. It is clear that Clinton has thought this through about how these lights would actually be powered as small generators can be seen spread out across the map.

For portfolio purposes Clinton has compiled a file of all the objects he created for this project including the walls and the generators in an organised row so that it can easily be viewed.

Another project that Clinton has created called ‘King Wash’ shows off a building that acts as a laundromat set in the year 1990. This project shows off more of his interior skill rather than exterior however he still had added exterior objects and textures such a parking lot which is wet with visible puddles and street lamps which can be seen in the background.

This project contains a high amount of detail such as information boards that explain how to use the laundry machines, as well as price guides. As for the textures Clinton uses very plain colours such as white and grey to show that this is a cheap building, however also shows the realistic aspects by having an extractor pipe in chrome and an air conditioner unit on the walls of the building.

As for the lighting florescent tubes have been used on the ceiling which mimic the real life aspects of emitting low amounts on light and casting shadows in places the lights can not reach.

To show that the laundromat has been used before and does not appear new Clinton also adds puddles from some of the machines which have overflowed as well as signs saying that they are out of use.

Similar to his other projects Clinton has again shown some of the work he used before he created the final piece. In this case it is a display of the most used textures from this project and the weathering on them.

All artwork credit goes to artist: Clinton Crumpler



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