Peripherals: Monitor

The monitor is a crucial component to playing video games as it allows the person to view the game that they are playing. If there was no monitor there would be no way for the player to be able to see what is happening within the game and how their actions have effected what is happening.

Before monitors where invented companies used a panel of lights that flashed to display the information. This worked because the information that is shown is much more simpler than it is today. As well as this people also used paper which would have information printed on it from the computer which the people had to decipher.

The first monitors called ‘Cathode ray tubes'(CRT)  They worked by using electrons that strike against phosphors causing them to emit light. This light acts as the display. These monitors where mainly used to display colourless vector graphics until eventually a new generation of CRT’s where released which could display colour. These monitors filled homes and schools and quickly took over the world.

The modern day modern is now known as an LCD which stands fro liquid crystal display. These started being created in the 1980’s however didn’t become the standard monitor until 2007 when the surpassed the CRT monitor. The reason the LCD took years to become popular is because they where very expensive and at first had many performance issues that caused them to stop working. The LCD shows a vivid, colourful display which show high quality images, text, and videos. These monitors where also much thinner compared to the CRT’s and this meant that they could be used as a display for the laptop.

In terms of video games the monitors has been a vital part in the development in video games. The first reason is because as the monitors developed more frames could be seen on them. This meant that video games could use more frames for things such as the character animations. The second reason is that the creation of LCD’s meant that more colourful textures could be seen allowing the development of video game graphics and making it look as realistic as possible.


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