Environment Artist: Tim Spanjer

Tim Spanjer is a 3D environment artist that has worked for small 3D companies and done a lot of freelance work. His background is not actually 3D environments as he studied Fine Arts as his degree at the university of Georgia in Athens. In the early years of his career he worked for small games companies creating games such as ‘Ace of Angels’ and ‘Starfury’. He currently works creating IOS applications for mobile phones as part of a company called ‘TRICK 3D’. He spends a lot of time perfecting his work and adding as much detail as he can. One of my favorite pieces of work that he has created  is called ‘City Street’ which is set within an ally leading off from a street within a city.

Tim strips his work down into multiple layers that show the unrendered clay sculptures allowing us to see the actual detail of the map without lighting and shadows. The artist tries to add immersion to the street by adding objects that you would typically find their, such as dumpsters, rubbish, a fire escape and wall lighting.

When adding textures hes tries to make the environment look as realistic as possible. For example in his model called ‘Middle Eastern Hut’ he adds detailed textures to the wall that show the individual grains that create the surface of the texture which in turn add depth to it making it feel more 3D. He also adds depth to his work using shadows. On the over hang of the roof a shadow is added so  show the realism of the model and how it would be effected by lighting. This is also done on the bricks as the one which are indented slightly more than the others are seen to be darker.

In another of Tim’s projects called ‘Space Port’ it is clear that his aim is to create a futuristic looking environment instead of a realistic environment that does not require textures that look real. For the futuristic aspect Tim tries to add sharp angles and maintain the use of as few colours as possible. Since the room that he created is a hanger he shows this by making the room extremely large with a curved roof. As well as this he adds a futuristic looking shield door which also acts as a window leading out into space. Lots of detail can be seen in this project such as pipes that feed into the walls acting as parts which keep this space craft moving and power cables that allow the lights to work.

To ensure that this environment was recognized as a hanger Tim creating vehicles which would be spread out across the environment appearing to be ‘docked’ in. The design of the ships was unlike any space of air vehicle of the modern world as it was oddly shaped and maintained the same theme as the rest of the vehicles. Using lots of angles and a simple colour scheme, however even without the textures it is clear that these ships are meant to show futurism because of the reasons I have already explained.

For the textures Tim mainly uses grey as this is considered a very futuristic colour as it gives that clean advanced look. But to take the futurism further he also adds lights which give a blue tint into the room, something which would not be seen in a modern environment. Like his previous work Tim also displayed this model  using no textures at all.

All artwork credit goes to artist: Rim Spanjer


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